Picking Wedding Invitations to Match Your Theme

Selecting wedding invitations to match a color scheme might seem unimportant. But it is defiantly one aspect of your wedding not to overlook. Why? Well, wedding invitations are the first taste of your wedding that potential guest will see. This sets up the whole tone of the wedding and the colors you choose here will be ingrained in your family and friend’s minds.

There are different palettes that you can chose that will fit easier together with your floral arrangements decorations.

White on Black

You can’t get much more chic than this. Monochrome wedding invitations have always been in style, however, in recent years their popularity has reached an all time high.

Make sure that you choose a simple invitation with this color scheme for the best effect.

Gold on Cream

One popular element that is often incorporated into wedding invitations is gold foil on cream colored complimentary paper. Gold and cream fit absolutely wonderfully together and are one of the more traditional colors choices.

These colors create a warmth that produces a relaxing atmosphere for your wedding. You can do this in multiple ways, either through the aforementioned gold foil or through gold colored ribbon. This adds an extra bit of elegance to the invitation, and when combined with deep red roses is simply breathe taking for Autumn weddings.

Silver on White

Another good choice is silver on white, this is not only elegant it is just the right amount of chic. These invitations are often styled a little simpler, a little more subdued but the combination provide all of the detail that you will need.

Consider having them printed in silver ink to drive the effect home, and make these wedding invitations really winners.

If you are planning a winter wedding then this is definitely a good choice.

Pink on White

Since you husband to be is letting you pick out the wedding invitations why not let your imagination go wild. Pink is another romantic color, and one that radiates a soft and gentle mood. Think how pretty a pink rose on a vivid white wedding invitation would be. Silver ink or foil again works very with this stationary.

Lime Green and Purple

No it isn’t a ice cream treat, but it is a treat for the eyes. This might not be a standard color combination but it will defiantly be one that people notice.

Both of these colors have their own story. And they draw a picture in the recipients mind of royalty, elegance and freshness. Purple has long been known as a royal color but it also comes with a certain amount of stuffiness. The lime green on the other hand draws forth a sense of youth and health.

Mint Green and Red

Staying with the subject of unusual pleasing color combinations why not try red and green. These colors bring forth a feeling of romance and intimacy. These colors were very popular in the vintage era of wedding invitations, the 1950’s. So if you are planning a themed wedding from that time then this might just be the color combination you were looking for.

Cream and Chocolate

Here we are back at the food related color schemes. But they are all just so delicious. When you’re picking out your chocolate and cream colors, think in pastels. Do not choose colors that are too deep or vibrant, if you follow this simple rule you’re sure to have a gorgeous invitation.

Why did I choose to write about wedding invitations today? Recently I found a website that specializes in wedding invitations. They have a beautiful selection of styles that borders on being overwhelming.

As I was browsing their website I relaized that a lot of young women may not be able to choose from such a large selection and decided to write this article. I hope that you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it and that you also found it informative.


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